Dorian Berman is an American artist currently living in Bethesda, MD. Originally from Dallas, Texas, she started her love of culture and travel as a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco, and later lived ten years in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She left Montreal and her many years of teaching to follow her dream of being a full-time artist four years ago, settling in the Washington, D.C. area. Dorian uses encaustic, cold wax and oil, acrylic, collage, and printmaking techniques for her work.  She explores the nature of time, what is left behind, what can be uncovered, and our history that makes us who we are. 

“We are complicated beings.  Perhaps that is why my work covers so much ground.   We each have a unique story, with lots of texture:  accomplishments and setbacks, bliss and despair, inevitable change and cycles.  I’m fascinated with the yin/yang of our experience in this life and cannot imagine using just one medium to convey that,” she explains.  

Dorian draws inspiration from her international travel and moves, her own inner landscapes, her experience adapting to other cultures and languages, and the beautiful objects she finds along the way.